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AlphaPanda is an AI-driven technology investment firm focusing on the Vietnam market

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We use advanced AI technology to find promising investment opportunities in Vietnam's growing tech industry. We focus specifically on Vietnam to make sure we can help tech companies there succeed and grow.

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About Us

We envision Vietnam as a growing hub for technology, not only in Southeast Asia but also on a global scale. Like the visionary entrepreneurs we support, we are committed to accelerating this transformation. We look forward to working with you to achieve this common goal.

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Our Portfolio

We provide comprehensive support to startups, offering financial backing, personalized mentorship, and extensive networking opportunities. Our support extends globally, connecting startups with resources and opportunities worldwide, while also fostering a strong community within the region.

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Our Insights

We've gathered valuable insights and stories from the best startups, partners, and mentors in our AlphaPanda network. Whether you're a new entrepreneur looking for innovative growth strategies or an investor interested in the latest trends in early-stage investment, our platform has a wealth of knowledge for you to explore.

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Investors should independently assess the risks and returns of investment projects and make investment decisions independently. While the Company endeavors to ensure the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of investment project information provided, no guarantee is made regarding the truthfulness and accuracy of the information. Investors should conduct due diligence and carefully review relevant documents and contract terms before investing. This disclaimer applies to all investment activities between investors and the Company, including but not limited to investment consulting, project evaluation, and investment decision-making. By acknowledging this disclaimer, investors confirm that they have read and understood it and willingly assume all risks and liabilities associated with investment activities.